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Deep learning

The key to extracting value in the new big data paradigm of Industry 4.0.

Deep learning provides robustness against environmental changes and a level of generalization never before achieved with classical computer vision techniques. The solution to endless parameterizations.

Build and customize your AI-based welding seam inspection.

Before launching the application, the feasibility of addressing the specific issue will be verified, and the selection of modules will be made, either using existing ones or customizing them according to the specific problem.

The implementation of Wiinspect consists of three sequential stages, all coordinated and directed by our team members.


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Integration with existing lines and adaptation to the production cycle.


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The system will progressively learn to mimic the desired behavior without interrupting the production cycle of the installation.


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Autonomous Life and Adaptive Behavior

The system will behave as it has been trained, with its behavior being readjustable at all times to meet changing quality requirements.

1. Installation

In this phase, our product is integrated with the production system in place. Wiinspect can collect and send information using multiple communication protocols (OPC UA, Profinet, Ethernet, etc.), allowing it to access data from various elements already present on the production line and use them in its quality analysis.

Any required data that cannot be obtained through the existing sensors on the line will be extracted from new sensors that will be installed. installed. This combination provides a comprehensive and detailed quality analysis. Additionally, Wiinspect can work with different types of cameras and capture devices if a client requires the use of a particular device.

The system is flexible, allowing it to adapt to the current production cycle in the installation, ensuring full integration into the production line with minimal impact on productivity.

2. Learning.

At this point the system will be educated according to the specific needs and criteria of each user, fine-tuning each of the modules that integrate their version of Wiinspect. From the very first moment, and without the need of having defective seams, the system will be able to monitor and detect a wide range of defectology, such as the presence of the cord, its positioning, measuring its length and throat, and diagnosing its appearance. Advanced features will require examples with specific defects. Moreover, during the learning phase phase, the normal production cycle of the installation will not be interrupted.

3. Autonomous Life

Wiinspect is not just an inspection product. It’s also a service. This characteristic allows its behavior to be adaptive and flexible throughout its life cycle. Therefore, in addition to the installation, there is an update and maintenance license. The Wiinspect installation includes a 1-year license. After the first year, renewal is annual, and the price depends on the characteristics of each inspection.

What can I do with an active license?

  • Benefit from updates to improve system performance and functionality.
  • Dynamically adapt behavior to changing quality requirements for already detected defects.
  • Receive assistance for any problem or incident.

And if I decide not to renew the license?

  • In that case, the system will continue to function completely normally, but it won’t receive updates, its behavior cannot be altered, and technical assistance from our technicians will not be available.
  • Once Wiinspect is installed, inspecting new weld seams or expanding the range of defects to detect requires having an active license and is subject to the preparation of a new quote.


Do you have any questions? Check the frequently asked questions, fill out a form, or get in touch with us.


Do you have any questions? Check the frequently asked questions, fill out a form, or get in touch with us.