A united and compact team, working with artificial intelligence, is revolutionary, transformative... essential.

We are Amber Intelligence, an INNOVATIVE technology company.

Our Values

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Strive for excellence in the human team and in every decision made, to develop effective products with high levels of satisfaction.

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Take proactive action, seek opportunities. Immerse in novelties, reflect, foresee, intuit, study, verify, and develop.



Break barriers, shed stereotypes, and deviate from patterns to work with more options that open us to a sea of possibilities.

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Acknowledge that failure is an opportunity within the learning process. Have confidence, conviction, and discipline.



Keep an open mind, focus on what's to come, approach with courage and firm steps that lead to success.

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Be committed with the mind from the heart.

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Being transparent and respectful every day, in every action.

About Us

We are a young and dynamic team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We are not daunted by the rapid pace at which technology is evolving. We thrive on technological challenges and have accumulated significant experience in the field of computer vision in an industrial environment over the years. Many customized applications are successfully operational. We always enjoy anticipating our clients’ requirements. When we identify an emerging need and see a possible solution with some viability, we eagerly embark on a research project. With the stamp of an INNOVATIVE SME, we have solved problems and added greater value in areas such as 3D dimensional control, laser triangulation, quality inspection, or perimeter security control. We are proud members of the INDESIA association – Industrial Association for the Advancement of Data Economy and Artificial Intelligence.

Latest Projects

In recent years, our focus has been on high-impact projects for the industry, utilizing an incredibly powerful tool—artificial intelligence. We can inspect welding seams without removing the piece from the line, without disruption, in cycle time, and with high reliability. We are also capable of implementing access control to high-risk areas without physical barriers. We will deploy this solution in the electric vehicle plant of the PERTE VEC developed by SEAT and VOLKSWAGEN, in a consortium of which we are an integral part.

We are part of the PERTE VEC consortium of SEAT and VOLKSWAGEN for the development of a electric vehicle.

We collaborate with a group of companies that are at the highest level of innovation and development.

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If we stay awake to our clients’ needs and remain focused on finding the best solutions, opening our minds to new technologies, trends, and opportunities—working together, leveraging each other’s skills, and valuing each individual in the group—we will be unstoppable.

Design flexible technological solutions using artificial intelligence to help our clients maximize their levels of industrial control. All while focusing on continuous innovation and human excellence.

Contribute to global industrial progress through the responsible development of intelligent solutions.


Do you have any questions? Check the frequently asked questions, fill out a form, or get in touch with us.


Do you have any questions? Check the frequently asked questions, fill out a form, or get in touch with us.