The price of Wiinspect will depend on the characteristics of the inspection you desire, such as the number of weld seams and the defects to analyze. Calculate the estimated price on the modules tab’s calculator.

The construction of the solution and installation in a line has an approximate timeframe of 10 weeks, always subject to the study of each case.

Because you can benefit from updates to improve the performance of the inspection and modify the system’s behavior in response to changing quality requirements for already detected defects.

Yes. Wiinspect will continue to operate if the license is not renewed. However, you won’t be able to inspect new pieces or new weld seams, detect new defects, and modify the system’s behavior in response to changing quality requirements.

No. To perform new inspections, it is necessary to have an active license and request a quote.

No. To register new weld seams or detect new defects in the weld seams that are already being analyzed, a feasibility study and a new quote are required.

We will send you the renewal quote before the license expires.

Contact us, and we will provide you with the quote.

Yes, although it is not necessary to be active at all times.

Wiinspect adapts to the access and cybersecurity policies of each plant, considering that for certain specific operations, it will require internet access.

Wiinspect can communicate with PLCs from the most common brands, such as Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, ABB, Schneider, and many more.

The most standard protocols in industrial communications: OPC UA, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, and others.

We will recommend the use of the most suitable hardware for the needs of each case. However, Wiinspect can work with multiple devices. For more information, contact us.

Steel and aluminum alloys. Contact us for more information. contact us.

Any type. Straight, circular, sinusoidal, and more.

Wiinspect stores the analysis of inspections to maintain historical traceability for a certain period. This information can be accessed at any time from the software itself.